Focusing on Women

There is a growing appreciation for the unique leadership qualities that women bring to the table and that are needed to make a difference in the world. This value-centered leadership style is one that is not only sought after, but key in helping to inspire employees and drive change.

Julie’s broad experience as a senior executive in a traditionally male industry has shaped her interest and commitment to the advancement of women in today’s workplace. She is a strong proponent of celebrating culture and differences and is especially passionate about helping women to succeed in business.

Julie offers several courses related to the development of women.

Your Personal Brand: Explore leadership brands, timing and gender implications, develop your brand message and explore actions to enhance your brand

Networking: Unleash the Power of the Relationships: Building relationships inside and outside your company, how to build a strategic framework for your network; tools and ideas to maximize your network.

Language Communications and Influence: Find your executive voice, identify real and perceived gender differences in communications, increase your ability to use a wide range of skills to gain influence.

Negotiating for Yourself: Learn the techniques of successful negotiations, explore gender differences in negotiation styles, gain confidence in your negotiation abilities.

How Remarkable Women Lead and Build Teams: Key competencies necessary for leaders, awareness of your personal leadership style, learn to lead effectively up, down and across your organization.

Appreciating Culture and Diversity

JFH Insights can help you better understand the opportunities and challenges in building and leading a diverse and inclusive workforce. We can help to:
- build awareness and understanding of what diversity and inclusion looks like in your company
- use diversity to inspire new ideas and solutions for your customers
- support new leadership styles and ways of thinking
- build high-performing cultures that value differences

“The most effective work cultures have both diversity AND inclusion. A passionate, diverse and inclusive employee base helps to drive innovation and creativity that is critical to company growth and to employee satisfaction and morale.”

Julie offers the following courses on appreciating diversity:

Men as Change Agents:Develop higher performing teams through gender diversity, understand real and perceived gender difference and stereotypes, enhance your leadership effectiveness by increasing your knowledge of hidden bias and gender differences and stereotypes.

Thinking and Acting Strategically

As a global leader of a Fortune 100 company, Julie understands what it takes to create and execute strategy to meet the bottom line. Whether you’re building your career, running a small business or a global corporation, JFH Insights can help sharpen your competitive edge, create winning teams and deliver results.

Julie offers the following courses related to strategic development:

Strategic Leadership and Vision: Learn the basics of vision and strategic leadership and how to execute vision. Explore broad and narrow vision and gender differences in setting strategic vision; increase your skills in setting strategic vision and executing against it.

Executive Coaching

JFH Insights offers a customized and focused learning process developed for women that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.We will identify the intersection between what the workplace rewards and your personal behaviors and goals.

JFH Insights Executive Coaching offers a pragmatic and tailored approach that will help women understand what the workplace rewards and how their individual leadership style fits that model. We explore successful leadership brands and explore and define how you can build on your personal strengths to work more effectively within the company culture – and build your personal brand along the way.

I have found my experience with Julie as an executive coach to be extremely valuable and insightful. Julie has led me through an extraordinary and nonbiased journey of reflection, learning and professional growth in the past year. With a pragmatic and tailored approach to executive coaching, she was able to use her own experiences and wisdom to inspire and energize me to take higher steps and continue to grow confidently as a business leader in an environment where women executives are still an exception. I highly recommend her!”